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My Tree Falls onto a Neighbor’s Property

If a Tree Falls, Who Pays? Trees are a wonderful addition to your home’s landscape, but they can also cause real problems if a heavy snow or wind topples one, and it lands on your neighbor’s property and damages their home. Who is legally responsible for paying to repair that damage? If you answered, “I am,” you would be wrong. …

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I Want Car Insurance

Are you insurable? Your insurance company has the right to review your driving record at any time. Typically, they’ll review your record when you” apply for coverage request changes to your policy add a vehicle renew your policy This is to evaluate your risk potential, or determine if you are insurable at all. Adding Up the Points Generally, what the …

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I Have a Will

A Will: Is it the Best Tool to Protect Loved Ones? Many persons are under the impression that they must have a will in order to protect their property and loved ones upon their death. A will is a good tool to have to accomplish that goal, but not necessarily the best. What is a Will? A will is a …

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