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Protecting Your Legal Rights

A Cleveland-Area Attorney for Your Legal Concerns

Not everyone knows where to turn for legal concerns. Whether you are interested in estate planning or worker’s compensation benefits, you want a lawyer who will make your goals their priority. At the law offices of Mark S. Frank, your case will never be lost in the shuffle. We will be there for you every step along the way with information to find real solutions.


Personal Injury | Serious personal injury, due to a slip-and-fall, car accident or workers’ compensation claim, carries a big price in medical bills and lost wages. Let us assist you in receiving the compensation to which you may be entitled.



Estate Planning | We will help you sort through the options to create comprehensive plan to honor your wishes and take care of your family well into the future.

Probate | The probate process can be long and complicated. The law offices of Mark S. Frank are experienced at helping navigate around any potential pitfalls.

Wills & Trusts | We work with you to understand the options for wills and trusts to develop an estate plan tailored to your needs.


Real Estate Transactions | Protecting the rights of buyers and sellers in all aspects of real estate transactions is crucial in a high-dollar, and often highly emotional, exchange. We offer clear-eyed guidance and expertise.

Landlord-Tenant | When it comes to rental or lease disputes, we can be instrumental in helping protect the rights of landlords and tenants.



Collections | We represent creditors to help them recover debts.





OVI & Traffic Violations | No need to face DUI charges or traffic violations alone. We can help you minimize the damages and keep your license.




Drug Charges | From marijuana possession to cocaine distribution, we will scrutinize the police and their procedures for collecting evidence, to make sure your rights are protected.