Protecting Your Legal Rights

There is a right way and a wrong way to collect on a debt. Failing to follow the collections process may result in losing the chance to fully recover the debt which is owed. At the Cleveland offices of Mark S. Frank, Attorney at Law, we protect the rights of creditors trying to collect bad debts.

With over two decades experience in collections, we are familiar with the proper procedures to recover debt quickly, efficiently and legally.


No one wants to take legal action in order to collect on a debt, however, sometimes there is no other choice. Taking action – without fully understanding the legal procedures associated with collections – could result in a total loss or worse.

We understand the processes and the systems in place designed to assist creditors in recovering payments to which they are entitled. We also know the remedies available to creditors when a debtor continues to avoid payments. If a lawsuit must be filed on a client’s behalf, the case will be fully documented to show step-by-step, best-effort attempts to resolve the issue outside the courts.

Collections may be handled on a contingency or hourly basis, depending on the size of the collection. Managing collections on a contingency basis means there is no fee charged unless we are able to recover the bad debt in full.