Drug Charges

Protecting Your Legal Rights

The serious potential consequences for a drug charge in Cleveland requires the vigorous and aggressive defense in the state courts of Ohio, which the Cleveland offices of Mark S. Frank, Attorney at Law, provides.

An arrest for possession of marijuana or cocaine does not mean automatic jail time. True, Ohio has severe sentencing guidelines for all drug charges, so one can expect harsh punishment from any Ohio judge. Possible consequences include:

  • heavy fines
  • possible jail time
  • driver’s license suspension

However, with the help of an experienced attorney, it may be possible to lower charges and minimize the potential consequences. Attorney Mark S. Frank knows the challenges the police and prosecution face to prove their case. What may look like a small mistake by police may be enough to have the evidence in a case thrown out or have the charges completely dismissed. Attorney Frank knows how to ask the right questions:

  • Did the police follow state statutes and case law?
  • Were the charges appropriate for the alleged conduct?
  • Was evidence properly collected?
  • Was the chain of evidence properly documented?
  • Was contraband properly documented?

If there is a conviction, in additional to traditional sentencing options, an individual may be eligible for intervention programs, which information the court may not volunteer on its own. Knowing the available options, Attorney Frank can advise clients on alternative sentencing options or programs which may help them avoid incarceration.