OVI and Traffic Violations

Protecting Your Legal Rights

When facing charges for a OVI or traffic violations, the last thing an individual should do is roll over and plead guilty. The wisest course of action is to retain a trusted attorney, who knows how to investigate the arrest and stop, in order to minimize the potential consequences of the charges.

At the Cleveland offices of Mark S. Frank, Attorney at Law, we work to protect our clients’ rights by doing everything within our power to keep their driver’s license and their freedom.

Always Consent to the Breath Test

The police have the right to pull over any individual for a traffic violation or traffic code transgression. If, in the process, they determine a driver is intoxicated, it means facing the more serious charge of drunk driving. In Ohio, in order to retain driving privileges, one must consent to a breath test.

Once pulled over, there is no time to contact a lawyer; however, there are ways to challenge a OVI following an arrest. Our firm ensures that the police have complied with all regulations:

  • We make sure machines used for the breath test were properly calibrated. Otherwise, the validity of the results may not be accepted by the courts.
  • In some cases, it is found the police did not have probably cause to pull over drivers in the first place.
  • We determine whether the arresting officers have completed the required number of training hours in order to conduct field sobriety tests.
  • An improper stop or other police violation may cause a case to be dismissed or thrown out, depending on evidence obtained by the authorities.
Keep Your License
  • Failing to comply with the administration of a breath or blood test can result in the automatic suspension of a driver’s license for one year.
  • An OVI conviction results in an automatic license suspension.
  • We work to help clients retain driving privileges or get them back as soon as possible.
Intervention Programs

While the courts do not volunteer this information, in lieu of going to jail for a OVI conviction in Ohio,  attending intervention programs, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, could help minimize fines and keep driving privileges.