Protecting Your Legal Rights

Following the loss of a loved one, there comes  a time when the estate must be administered. Even when the deceased person has a will in place, important decisions must be made which affect everyone in the family. At the Cleveland offices of Mark S. Frank, Attorney at Law, we offer clients steadfast support and guidance throughout the probate process.

Avoid Probate Pitfalls

Probate is an intricate procedure with many potential complications. An experienced attorney familiar with the Ohio probate process can help a family simplify the process and find solutions to fit its needs. We support our clients through this difficult time by helping them with tough decisions, and giving them peace of mind to focus on being available their family.

Before the probate process begins, we prepare clients for the challenges ahead with documents such as deeds, joint deeds, survivorship deeds and transfer on death deeds.

Taking proper steps to prepare early helps avoid common probate pitfalls. For example, without a will, an estate must go through probate court, exposing assets in the probate estate to claims from creditors. However, preparing an estate plan  including wills, trusts and other estate planning tools provides beneficiaries with the property intended for them, and shielded from creditor claims.